How to Pay Property Tax in Los Cabos

How to Pay Property Tax in Los Cabos

The tax collection area of the Cabo San Lucas municipal offices has been very busy in early 2017, with residents lining up to pay their property taxes in response to an invitation made by Los Cabos Mayor Arturo de la Rosa Escalante. In the last days of December the mayor announced that property owners who would pay their property taxes in the first quarter of 2017, could take advantage of attractive discounts approved by the Los Cabos Municipal Council. The Municipal Council has approved this measure in part to reward property owners for paying their taxes in full and on time by easing their property tax burden, and in part to help streamline the tax collection process.

Arturo Osuna Olivas, a Cabo San Lucas tax collector, mentioned that the Cabo San Lucas municipal office has had an excellent turnout of property owners paying their taxes, eager to take advantage of the discounts on offer. The discounts were 20% for those who paid their property taxes in January; 15% for payments made in February; and 10% for property taxes paid in March. Osuna also mentioned that in order to get these discounts the property taxes for 2016 must be fully paid. Last week Francisco Garcia, Municipal Delegate for Cabo San Lucas announced that owners who were behind on their property tax payments could take advantage of a 15% discount if they bring their taxes up to date before the end of January.

The property tax, or predial, in the municipality is already quite reasonable at roughly 0.1% annually of the assessed value of the property. Add to that a discount of up to 20% and it’s no surprise to see property owners lining up at the municipal office to pay their property taxes. Property tax bills are not mailed out, nor sent by email, so property owners will have to go down to the municipal office to receive their bill and pay their taxes. It is really quite easy to find the municipal office in Cabo San Lucas, right by the Red Cross, the newly renovated Municipal building known as Delegación has a large parking lot and there is a relatively easy process to learn the amount due, and then even pay onsite. Residents can present their lot identification number referred to in Mexico as “Clave Catastral” they will then receive the amount owed for 2017. At the collections window, residents can pay with cash in Mexican Pesos or with US or Canadian credit/debit cards and walk out with their 2017 payment receipt.

In fact, if owners have their Clave Catastral, through the link below residents can pay and receive their receipt by email. This option can be done from Los Cabos or abroad of course. Paying property taxes in Los Cabos is truly easy nowadays, as it should be, but longtime Cabo residents know, this was not always the case. The newly streamlined system and procedure makes it not only simple, but provides a great incentive for owners to pay their property taxes early.

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For more information Residents can also follow social media channels for Los Cabos Municipality news and visit their official website.



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